Tesla solar panels might be the best option in the future of solar power, Here's all you need to know

By Energy Hamd - December 07, 2021

Tesla solar panels might be the best option in the future of solar power, Here's all you need to know
Tesla solar panels might be the best option in the future of solar power, Here's all you need to know

Tesla solar panels might be the best option in the future of solar power. Here's all you need to know

    The electric car maker offers a solid warranty and premium energy storage. It also promises to be the cheapest.

    More homeowners are turning to rooftop solar power to save on their electricity bills and fight climate change.

    Most people probably know Tesla as an electric car maker, it took a big step in the solar business with its 2016 purchase of solar company SolarCity. In 2020, Tesla was the second-largest solar panel company in the United States by market share, with 7.6% of the market at the end of last year, according to market analysis firm Wood Mackenzie. . . This means that a lot of people choose Tesla for their solar panels. Tesla was only beaten by Sunrun, which is far ahead, with around 14% market share at the end of 2020.

    It is difficult to compare solar energy providers because each roof installation will perform differently depending on everything from the orientation of your roof to the tree cover nearby to the local day-to-day weather. other. Below, I'll give you the essential information about Tesla's solar panels and, if possible, let you know how they stack up against the competition. I'm going to stick with Tesla's panels here and save the solar roof for its own article (coming soon) because it's so unique.

    1. What do I get from Tesla solar panels?

    Tesla offers four sizes of solar panel installations measured in kilowatts: 4.25 kW, 8.5 kW, 12.75 kW and 17 kW. Tesla lets you pack your solar panel purchase with a Powerwall, their popular battery system that can store energy for use during power surges, blackouts, or overnight. Tesla's warranty says your panels are guaranteed to run at 80% of their capacity for 25 years or that it will replace them.

    Tesla's first foray into solar power was not with panels, but with storage. Its Powerwall battery is still one of the best choices in the industry, so much so that other large solar companies offer Powerwall with their installations.

     Powerwall can contain 14 KWh of energy. Tesla says it has the capacity to power most devices, although full use of larger 240-volt devices like air conditioners and dryers may require more batteries.

    You can install Powerwall batteries inside and outside your home. The final piece of hardware is the Tesla Solar Inverter, which converts the electricity produced by solar panels into AC power that your home can use. A key metric here is efficiency. Tesla's solar inverter is operating at 97.5 percent efficiency, according to the company. This places it near the top end of what is typical.

    You can also monitor your entire PV plant from the stylish app that Tesla offers its users, you can monitor your energy production and consumption. If you have a Powerwall, you can also customize how it works. You can set how much charge you want your Powerwall to reserve in the event of an outage, increase its reserve as a storm approaches, and adjust when you draw power from your Powerwall based on the time of day.

    2. Are Tesla Solar Panels a Good Deal?

    Each of Tesla's four offerings compares favorably to national averages of a value measured in dollars per watt. According to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the average price for residential solar in 2020 was $3.80 per watt. The value of Tesla's supply increases with the increase in the size of the PV plant.

    Online Tesla ratings are usually well below that amount, including even Powerwall (or two with a 17kW option). With suggested storage options and the federal tax credit (26% of the cost if you install through 2022), Tesla estimates range from $3.32 per watt for the smallest option to $2.23 per watt. watts to greater.

    The prices Tesla publishes online may not be the final cost. Your $100 refundable deposit is just the beginning of the process. You may need to upgrade your main electrical panel or pay extra to duct your solar panels.

    While the overall cost isn't clear until a little late in the process, Tesla will match any installer that offers you a lower price. If that quote arrives within 14 days and is for a group of the same size or larger, Tesla will match the price in dollars per watt. All you have to do is email your quote and your Tesla reservation number.

    3. Is Tesla the best choice?

    Tesla's price alignment means it will always be cost competitive. Likewise, the estimates it provides online are well below the national average. If the appearance of your panels is really important, Tesla sits closer to the roof and looks crisp. Tesla also offers more up-front information about its warranty than some of the other players.

    Powerwall is widely regarded as a leader in the battery industry. It sets Tesla's equipment apart, but it's also available from other installers.



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